Top class entertainment by young people from South East Scotland Scouts and Girlguiding Edinburgh.
At 7.30pm on the 14th November 1960, the house lights dimmed in the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, the audience applauded as Musical Director Richard Telfer tapped the Conductor’s Stand, raised his baton and gave the downbeat to start ‘The Jamboree Overture’. Standing behind the house tabs were 83 members of the County of The City of Edinburgh and Leith Boy Scouts Association, nervously and excitedly waiting to launch into the Ralph Reader song ‘Straight from the Corners’ in ‘The Opening 1960’. Edinburgh Gang Show had finally arrived and history was being made. Over the past sixty years so many friendships have been formed and amazing opportunities given to young people and adults in Scouting and Girlguiding because of the Gang Show. We simply call it ‘making memories.’ This short video recalls some of those memories made at the King’s, to the soundtrack of the Gang Show Band, playing once again at 7.30pm on the 14th November, ‘The Jamboree Overture’. We look forward to returning to the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh #AfterTheInterval

Update Statement – 11 October 2020

Regrettably, we have had to postpone our Virtual Edinburgh Gang Show 2020 planned for November.

Additional measures announced by The Scottish Government on Wednesday 7 October included the directive that performing arts activities must not take place outdoors in the central belt area, which includes the Lothian Health Board, between 10 – 26 October.

This period covers the planned Covid-secure outdoor rehearsals, recording and filming of the virtual Gang Show.

A huge amount of work has been undertaken to get to this stage and it is our hope that when the circumstances allow we will bring this unique opportunity back.

Message from Andy Johnston, Director. “We are totally gutted that the virtual show has been postponed, but supporting the Scottish Government’s new measures, reducing the spread of the virus and keeping everyone safe must be our top priorities. The main purpose of the virtual show was to allow us to get together, work as a Gang and produce a piece of work that would showcase both our brilliant cast and our amazing capital city. This purpose has not changed and work will continue to make this happen when it is safe to do so. We’ll be back!!”

Message from Alan Hunter, Regional Adviser (Gang Show) “We are bitterly disappointed not to be able to continue with our virtual Show but will keep an eye on all the regulations and hopefully continue with it when it is safe to do so, even if it’s early next year”.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please stay safe.

Edinburgh Gang Show Management Team



Statement by the Edinburgh Gang Show Management Team


We have made the very difficult decision to cancel the Edinburgh Gang Show 2020, due to be performed at the King’s Theatre in November, because of ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.

This will be the first time in 60 years that the Gang Show has not been performed in an Edinburgh theatre, but our priority is the safety of our young people and adult volunteers.

The Gang may not be able to meet in person, but we are planning to present a virtual performance in November which will showcase the talent of our young people from South East Scotland Scouts and Girlguiding Edinburgh and bring the unique Gang Show spirit alive and online. Please follow our social media channels for more details.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to 2021 when the Gang will once again be back at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh to make more memories.


It’s November… it’s the King’s Theatre…it’s GANG SHOW time!

On 14th November 1960 the first Edinburgh Gang Show was performed at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh. For sixty years young people from Scouting and Girlguiding in Scotland’s capital have entertained thousands of people with the annual show in November at the King’s.

Today this Edinburgh institution continues to give young people the opportunity to perform in one of the city’s much-loved theatres and through their participation our young people gain skills for life. Gang Show is a major part of the Scouting and Girlguiding programme and with the enthusiasm, commitment and ongoing support of Gang Show followers it will remain so for many years to come.

We have got a lot to be thankful for!



The scheduled dates for Edinburgh Gang Show 2020 at the King’s Theatre were Tue 17 to Sat 21 November.